Writing a Valentine’s poem for the people you love is hard, and while we’re so proud of you for trying, we want to spare you the trouble. Before you go down a rabbit hole of writing something your whole heart isn’t in (literally), let us offer an equally personalized alternative. Writing comes naturally to some, but we can't always find the words to perfectly describe how we feel. Luckily, a picture is worth a thousand words, and TilePix has a collection of customizable wall decor that you can personalize with your own photos. Instead of giving yourself major anxiety this Valentine's Day, express the love you have for your partner, BFF or family member by giving the gift of TilePix. 

If you’re reading this on February 14th, you forgot about VDay, didn’t you? Don’t sweat it – in your defense, January goes by low key very slow, and very fast at the same time. Lucky for you, our same-day shop is coming in hot with 40% off black Classic TilePix when you shop at Walgreens. Save your stress for things that matter – we got you covered for Valentine's Day. 

If you’re reading this before February 14th, keep reading for some valentine’s day gift inspo for the people you love most:

VDay Gifts for the Best Friends in the World

If seeing the bare walls in your long distance BFF’s college dorm room during your last FaceTime made you sad AF, you are not alone. Give them the gift of Confetti, and bring some flair to their walls. 

We all love someone who makes their horoscope their core personality trait. We love that friend and have made an entire line of mirror stickers and wall decals so you can support their love of horoscopes (you’re welcome).

Do you have a super chic sibling or friend who you can never figure out how to buy for? You are not alone, and lucky for you, we have just the thing. We teamed up with the ULTIMATE cool girl, Mira Mariah (you can learn more about her here on our blog) better known as Girl Knew York, to design a collection of removable wallpaper.

VDay Gifts for the OTP Couple

We know you spend a lot of time curating the photos on your Instagram feed with your significant other (you’re doing amazing sweetie, it looks great). But those photos are too cute to get lost in a digital wormhole. Turn your favorite IG masterpieces into TilePix and show off your sweetheart IRL. 

VDay Gifts for Your Roommates (and also kind of for you)

Your first off campus apartment is a special place. It’s temporary, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t reflect the personalities of the people who live in it. Give your roommates a Valentine's Day surprise with wall decor that shows off their uniqueness.

February 08, 2023 — Telesa Ward