There are few things sadder than a dorm room on move in day. 

We’ve all been there; walking down the hall with our bags, super excited for the next chapter, opening the door with our parents in tow and boom — enter a sad looking mattress and nondescript chair. 

Before the panic sets in that this is your new home, take a deep breath. When it comes to design, we feel strongly that every place you call home, no matter how temporary, should be reflective of your personal vibe. Not sure where to start?

5 Tips for Decorating Your Dorm

Add removable wallpaper to create a stand out statement wall, perfect for dorm photoshoots and something nice to look at while studying instead of a white wall. Whether you’re feeling groovy or seeking tranquility, we have a removable wallpaper for you. Just peel and stick, with no damage to your walls.


Does your dorm mirror look like it hasn’t been cleaned since 1970? We promise you look amazing no matter what, but we recommend adding a decal sticker for some flair. Manifest your next adventure or leave a positive reminder that you ARE the main character (if you aren't going to be the star of your own life, who else is going to be?)


Are you the friend who spends hours on their IG grid flow? We know you worked hard on those photos and here is the chance to bring it to life using our signature TilePix. Bring your favorite memories to life.


We know it can be tough knowing where to start when you have a big blank wall to fill. For our indecisive friends, we’ve created Wall Bundles just for you, catering to all different unique styles, so there is something for everyone.

Change your mind as quick as you change your mood? No worries – our Stick&Slide magnetic technology means no nails and no damage to your walls (no, really). Just peel, stick and slide if you want a change.


Does this speak to you? Are you ready to show off your aesthetic dorm room? Lucky for you, TilePix is hiring young creatives with a passion for content creation. We’re offering college students the chance to earn cash, college credit and strengthen their marketing skills by working directly with the TilePix team to promote our brand on your campus.

Interested? Learn more and apply to our campus ambassador program!

February 27, 2023 — Telesa Ward