Campus Ambassadors

Receive cash, earn college credit, and amp up your resume as the leading voice of TilePix on your campus.

How It Works

Apply to be “Student Ambassador” here for a Summer/Fall or Winter/Spring partner. See “Application Dates” below for current open applications.

Meet TilePix

Once you are accepted, meet the TilePix team and your fellow student ambassadors across the U.S. Attend a kickoff meet-and-greet call to engage with the brand community.

Market TilePix

Start marketing TilePix on your campus. Integrate into events, share content and create buzz all around TilePix. Plus, connect with the TilePix marketing professionals on a monthly basis.

Get Paid and Get Credit

Earn a monthly payment for participating.Score additional cash for each sale tied to your personal link. Receive college credit and build up your resume.

Are you a current college student with a passion for content creation, marketing, and sales? Join our team of brand champions, and get paid to cultivate critical skills toward your professional career with TilePix. Plus, earn extra cash and college credit in the process! 

Program Benefits:
  • Earn a monthly stipend of $200. 
  • Receive extra cash for each sale made with your unique sales link. The more you sell, the more you make!
  • Work with your university for college credit.
  • Keep your college room up to date with free TilePix gear + swag.
  • Network with a community of ambitious individuals across the country.
  • Strengthen your resume by developing critical marketing skills.
  • Have the opportunity to be featured in TilePix’s marketing campaigns.
  • Receive mentorship from professional leaders.

Winter/Spring Session

Our winter session is currently in session.

Summer/Fall Session

Summer/Fall applications will launch this summer. Stay tuned for updates!

For any questions on our campus ambassador program, please reach out to