Allow us to introduce ourselves...

Founded in New York by our parent company, Tracer, TilePix is a wall decor brand, grounded in the belief that with the right tools and a little guidance, everyone is creative. With the boom of DIY culture, we felt inspired by the incredible creativity seen in the growing community of brave makers who decided to roll up their sleeves and create something one-of-a-kind for their home. These bold “Make It Your Self” projects empowered individuals to be the main character of designing their space… And let’s be honest: hanging up something that you made on your own just hits different.

With over a million photo tiles sold in our first year to market, our customers showed us the value of creating custom prints for your space–how your space is a reflection of your happiness, your wellbeing, your productivity, your style and ultimately, you. So, we asked ourselves: why should we stop at photo tiles? (We shouldn't -- so, we didn't).

Over the last year, our innovative team of hustlers aggressively worked to bring a new assortment of customizable wall decor options to life. From skateboards to posters, TilePix truly is the only place to design a custom wall that uniquely reflects you.

And while our site may provide the creative tools to upload your own photos, art or designs to easily manifest your ideal vibe without breaking the bank, our products continue to be easier than ever to hang. Backed by magnetic technology, TilePix products require no nails, which means no damage to your walls ever (seriously.)

Now that you know our story, we think it's safe to say that when it comes to wall decor, we understood the assignment. Welcome to TilePix! “Make It Your Self" with us.