It’s 2023 and we’re putting self care at the top of our priority list. Rather than half committing to a new year’s resolution we have no plans to actually follow through with, we’re encouraging our audience to set an intention for the year focused on positive energy — starting at home. 

Here are the facts: Your space impacts your wellbeing, period. Decorating your room to represent your taste can only have a positive impact on your health, which is all we can ask for in 2023. Not only that, but having art in your space is scientifically proven to boost your mood, so it’s important to invest in pieces that bring you joy. Living in a temporary space like a dorm doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be personalized (and don’t let anyone tell you differently!) 

We understand better than anyone how the spaces we occupy contribute a great deal to our wellbeing, which is why we teamed up with a select group of college students to be intentional with their spaces by creating a vibe that is uniquely their own. Ready to deck out your dorm? Keep reading to see how college students are using TilePix to transform their spaces!


College Dorm Decor Inspiration

@themiaandrade Twin with me using @tilepix 🥰 …link in bio! #tilepixpartner #NewYearNewSpace #TilePix #DIY ♬ original sound - Mia Andrade

 @themiaandrade showed a great example of how to be intentional with your space in 2023. She brought her vision board to life in her dorm so she’s constantly reminded of her goals for the year, and in moments where she is feeling down, can remind herself she’s working toward. Love it Mia!

@gracerenkemeyer use code GRACEBOGO at checkout for your own free tilepix💞💞 #tilepix #roomtransformation #studyabroad #aesthetic #roomaesthetic #collegeroom ♬ original sound - Grace Renkemeyer

 Raise your hand if you studied abroad and can’t stop talking about it (we don’t blame you). Why shouldn’t your abroad memories come home with you? @gracerenkemeyer brought her happiest study abroad memories to her TilePix, surrounding her space with unforgettable memories.



♬ original sound - Annie

 Clean space = clean mind. After showing major room inspo, we’re OBSESSED with how @annieccareyy took a piece of her room at home and brought it back to her dorm through TilePix! Slice of home at school? 🤝 We’re here for it Annie.

@r.eecie SO OBSESSED ❤️❤️ @tilepix #DIY #NewYearNewSpace #TilePix #apartmentdecor ♬ original sound - reece

 In 2023, we are not letting blank walls ruin our vibe. Luckily, @r.eecie took matters into her own hands and gave her walls a major upgrade with TilePix. As someone who loves to entertain, we know her TilePix are going to be a huge hit.

@nicolekaaye our space looks more colorful now i love it🤩 explore with me and @tilepix now! link in bio for more information. #fypシ #foryoupage #newyearnewspace #tilepix #DIY ♬ Roxanne - Instrumental - Califa Azul 

 Repeat after us: a temporary space should still reflect your vibe. @nicolekaaye added some major flair to her off campus apartment by adding TilePix all over the wall. keep your walls cute (and safe!) with @tilepix #NewYearNewSpace #TilePix #DIY ♬ Valerie (Version Revisited) - Mark Ronson came to us with the goal of turning her dorm into her own personal sanctuary and she SUCCEEDED. The Girl Knew York skateboards? The use of CONFETTI imagery? Yes, Madison!

Inspired to give your home away from home the love it deserves? Visit to get started and don't worry – all TilePix hang with magnetic technology, not nails, so you will most definitely be seeing your security deposit again.

January 30, 2023 — Telesa Ward