Leaving home to go to college is one of the most exciting experiences you’ll ever have, especially as a freshman. In our opinion, the absolute best part is being able to decorate your dorm room; a space that is most likely your first home away from home, and all yours (plus a roommate.) 

We can’t wait for you to start the design process, but from our experience, you’re probably going to need some help. No one can forget that moment of rolling up to your dorm room, bags in hand, and opening the door to find a small room that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since your parents went to college. Don’t sweat it– with our help, you’ll have that room looking like you in no time.

Plan ahead! Get your inspo in check (great opportunity to coordinate with your roommate) and enter that room day one with a plan of attack. Keep reading for some good ideas on how to make your college dorm room design your own. 

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Love the ones you’re (not) with: While it is so exciting to start fresh at school, it can be hard leaving behind the ones you’ve left at home. So, don’t. Bring your favorite memories from home to life with a TilePix gallery wall featuring your loved ones that aren’t at school with you. And when you’re ready to start adding in photos from the memories you've made at school, we say the more, the better! Our magnetic photo tiles are applied without nails and leave no damage to your walls (no, really). Just peel, stick, and hang if you want a change. Ready to take it to the next level? Print on TilePix Glass, or customize a Skateboard.

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Consider something new:
College is all about beginnings, and while we are all about honoring your truest self in art form, it’s also a time to mix it up, especially when it comes to your walls. It’s time to say goodbye to the poster you’ve had on your childhood bedroom wall since 2007 (temporarily, you’ll see it on breaks!) and open yourself up to some new artwork. Need a place to start? Check out our one-of-a-kind artist partnerships, featuring Girl Knew York (Mira Mariah) and Creativejawns (Allison Cohen).

Allison Cohen has a deep understanding of the highs and lows of college life, having just graduated herself. Through founding CreativeJaws, Allison has created a digital hub for students to connect, get advice, and even find their new roommates.

I want people to take two things out of this collection:It’s boss, do whatever you want energy, combined with inspirational/true to yourself energy. I love that this collection has the trendy boss vibe to it, but also has a deeper meaning. I hope people are empowered by it. Own yourself, own your path, own your life.”

Do you need this type of energy in your college dorm room? ABSOLUTELY. Shop TilePix by Creativejawns here

To Mira Mariah, designing your space is a celebration and culmination of where you’ve been and where you’ll go. Her art celebrates the world as she sees it, and specifically, the women who add color to it; all the different shades and emotions that creates the beauty she’s so drawn to. For a slightly different (but equally as incredible) vibe, check out our exclusive collection with Girl Knew York; inspired by Mira’s Tribeca studio, these designs celebrate romanticism, girl pride and reimagine traditional tattoos and classical art. If you’re ready to shake up your world in college, this is definitely for you. 

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Spice up your walls:
One thing most college dorms have in common: strict rules when it comes to how you hang things (nails, we’re looking at YOU.) Now, we know that’s never an issue with TilePix (shoutout to our magnetic technology, you’re a real one) but in this case, we’re talking about our removable wallpaper. Whether you’re seeking tranquility after a long day of classes or looking for a pop of color to get you psyched for a night out, we have the wallpaper for you. Just peel and stick, with no damage to your walls. 

Leave yourself happy reminders: We promise you look amazing no matter what, but adding a decal sticker with an affirmation on your mirror is the perfect way to psych yourself up before a long day of classes, or after a not-so-great night out. Remind yourself that you are the main character, or take a second to stop and smell the flowers

Getting excited? We are too! Be sure to check out our door room essentials blog for even more help on college living. 

August 28, 2023 — Telesa Ward