We can’t believe we’re saying this, but it’s just about that time to head back to college which means it’s time to start thinking about your dorm room inspo. Whether it’s your first time going off to school or your fourth, we feel strongly that every place you call home, no matter how temporary, should be reflective of your personal vibe.

In our experience, decorating your dorm is the most exciting dorm room essential to check off of your list. But before we dive into our top 5 dorm decor essentials, let’s kick things off with your foundation. Most dorms will already come furnished with a  twin-sized mattress, generic chair, and basic desk (TIP: check out your dorm’s floor plan in advance to see what all comes included.) But wait! — You’ll still need to secure a few necessities before heading off to college:

  • Toiletries (think everything in your home cabinets)
  • Sheets, bedding, and mattress topper (gotta be cozy) 
  • Seasonal clothes (TIP: only bring clothes for the next two seasons. You have limited space to begin with, and can swap clothes out on holiday breaks)
  • ALL of your electronics (TV, laptop and ALL of the accompanying chargers) Those notes from class aren’t going to type themselves! 

Now that you’ve gotten the basics down, it’s time for the star of the show! Your decor transforms your dorm from generic temporary housing to a home. Need dorm decor ideas? Check out our checklist for all the dorm room inspo you’ll need this back to school season:


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Frame Your Photos: From your camera roll to your wall, upload your own images to TilePix frames to bring home your perfect gallery wall. Can you picture it? Because we can. Surround yourself with your favorite photos of family and friends  using our signature 8x8 TilePix Photo Tiles — perfect for when you’re feeling a little homesick. And guess what? Our TilePix comes with magnetic magic so you can rearrange and swap  in new photos whenever you're ready to capture those college escapades. 

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    Hang With Magnets: With TilePix, your decor comes equipped with damage-free magnets. That means no need for nails or any adhesive strips that only end up peeling the paint from your dorm walls! Plus, our magnets make mounting wall art quick and easy. Just peel, stick, and hang!

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    Let’s Get Funky: Add removable wallpaper to create a stand out statement wall. Most dorm room walls SCREAM bad paint job so you’re going to want some flair.  Whether you’re feeling groovy or seeking tranquility, we have a removable wallpaper for you.

    DESIGN IDEA: Decide your wallpaper theme with your roommate before you get to school, so you can build your room around it. Cottage Core wallpaper meets matching sheets? OBSESSED. 


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    Post Up:
    Once you and your roommate decide on the vibe of your room, the next step is to choose art to make the space really POP. This isn’t your mother’s poster (no offense, mom) – show off your vibe through your favorite photos, art and designs. Just upload the image you want printed and we'll do the rest. 


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    Get Sticky: Does your dorm mirror look like it had a previous life on a horror movie set? We promise you look amazing no matter what, but we recommend adding a decal sticker for some flair. Show off your birth sign (VERY important for dorm visitors to know when they’re getting into) or pick your next travel destination (after all, college is all about adventure!)

    Inspired to give your dorm room the love it deserves? Visit TilePix.com to get started and don't worry – all TilePix hang with magnetic technology, never nails, so you will most definitely not be getting in trouble with your RA over holes in the wall.

    August 14, 2023 — Telesa Ward