The Girl Knew York Collection Removable Wallpaper

Features one 22x54 sheet of removable wallpaper with a matte finish. This peel-and-stick wallpaper design brings the Girl Knew York clubhouse to your house. Transport any room into her Tribeca Studio.
Color: Red
Girl Knew York x TilePix
Bring the Girl Knew York clubhouse to your house. Transport any room into her Tribeca Studio, with designs that celebrate romanticism and reimagine traditional tattoos and classical art, all with a wink. Mira Mariah has translated her one-of-a-kind art and tattoos into a touch of maximalism and beauty you can now add to your own space with her TilePix designs. Features one 22x54 sheet of removable wallpaper with a matte finish.
Nothing but Removable Wallpaper
Peel-and-stick for easy application.
Our removable wallpaper is damage-free!
Diverse colors & styles for any vibe.
Buy our squeegee for a smooth finish.
Wallpaper Highlights
Measure 24x 54 sheets to fit your wall.
Choose your fav wallpaper design.
Remove and re-apply as you please!

How to remove Wallpaper?

Embrace the versatility of our self-adhesive wallpaper! At TilePix, all our wallpaper is crafted with a special self-adhesive backing, making it incredibly easy to apply and remove. Our innovative liner wall paper ensures hassle-free installation and removal, allowing you to effortlessly transform your space as your vibe evolves.

Whether you want to switch up your decor or explore new design trends, our self-adhesive wallpaper is designed to adapt to your changing style. Enjoy the freedom to experiment, knowing that you can easily take down and re-apply our wallpaper whenever your mood calls for a fresh look.

With TilePix, your walls become a canvas for endless possibilities, offering both convenience and flexibility in creating your ideal space.

How much wallpaper do I need?

Each sheet of our removable wallpaper measures 24" x 54", providing ample coverage for your walls. To ensure a seamless wallpaper application, it's important to consider the dimensions of your space. Before placing an order, take a moment to measure the wall you hope to cover. By doing so, you can guarantee a perfect fit and achieve the desired aesthetic impact. Prepare your measurements ahead of time, and get ready to elevate your space with our stunning removable wallpaper.

How to measure a room for wallpaper?

Measure the length and width of the space you'd like to cover. Each sheet of removable wallpaper is 24” x 54”, so be sure to measure your space ahead of wallpaper application.

How to prep a wall for wallpaper?

It couldn't be easier. Measure the space and then stick (no, really). All of our wallpaper is self adhesive on a liner wall paper, so it can be taken down and re-applied as your vibe changes.

"High Quality & Easy"

The pictures are high quality and very easy to hang. I appreciate the flexibility of being able to move pictures around whenever I want to change the overall look.


"The product is amazing"

The product is amazing. The customer service was excellent. I will be a customer for life.

-Mallory Clawson

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