Content Creators

Post and get paid. Be a part of an aspiration community of digital creators, interested in long term, consistent partnerships.

Earn cash with TilePix. As a content partner, you will produce high-quality content, test out new product drops and meet a diverse community connected through TilePix. Plus, earn extra bonuses for each purchase made on our site with your unique discount code!

Program Benefits:
  • Receive 10% for each sale made using your affiliate link. The more you post, the more you sell!
  • Discover a network of up and coming trailblazers in your industry.
  • Gain access to exclusive brand events.
  • Keep your space up to date with free TilePix gear + swag.
  • Treat your network to a personalized code for exclusive discounts when shopping our site.
  • Have the opportunity to be featured in TilePix’s marketing campaigns.

For any questions on our creator program, please reach out to