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Reimagine your space with exclusive artwork bound to elevate your unique vibe. Shop framed art, glass art tiles, skateboards, canvas & more, all designed by your favorite artists.

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Hang easy with TilePix's installation tools. Explore accessories, like magnetic wall pad kits or squeegees, to effortlessly peel-and-stick your no-nails frames around your space.

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Bring some flair to your home with TilePix's peel-and-stick wallpaper. Our removable wallpaper adds a playful pop of color to your space, creating the ideal backdrop for a gallery wall.

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Transform your space in minutes with removable wall stickers. Explore TilePix's damage-free sticker decal collection to bring instant personality and color to your white walls.

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Your reflection would look great next to TilePix's stylish mirror stickers. Discover fun assortments of removable stickers, ready to hang directly to your mirrors.

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Inspire anyone to craft their ideal space from scratch with a TilePix giftcard. This personal gift is ideal for DIY-lovers, who want to fill their walls with photos & creativity!