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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve made this easy with 3 simple steps. Click “Get Started” on the homepage to begin the process.  

  • The first step is to select your photos. Once you’re done selecting photos, click the “Select Frame” button.  
  • This step is where you can edit your photos, crop them, choose your frame colors, mats and filters. You can also use Splits here to divide a single image across multiple tiles. 
  • When you’re finished, tap or click “Add to Cart” and beginning checkout. 
Need fresh wall pads for your TilePix? No problem! You can buy replacement wall pads in packs of 3 for $5 in the TilePix iOS app or on
You can give the gift of TilePix to whomever you like. Just choose how many TilePix you want to give and enter the recipient’s contact details. You can even pick the date you want us to deliver the virtual gift card. If you’re eligible for a first time purchase discount, volume discount or some other promotion, you can also take advantage of those savings on TilePix gift cards. How awesome is that?

With our exclusive Splits™ feature you can really get creative. Upload your favorite image – a photo, painting, drawing, pattern, quote, map – and split it across as many photo tiles as you want. 

  1. After you’ve selected a photo, tap “Continue” to go to the Print Options screen. 
  2. Tap the image you want to split to go to the Single Photo Editor. 
  3. In the Editor, tap the animation showing an image splitting into four tiles. 
  4. Move the sliders on either axis to add or remove rows and columns. If the sliders turn red, the maximum resolution of the image has been reached. 
  5. Tap or click the image and pinch to reposition and zoom. When done, tap or click anywhere. 
  6. Pick your frame color (white, black or gray). 
  7. Pick your filter (color or Black & White). 
  8. Tap “Save” to go back to the Print Options screen. 

When creating a Splits, you can use the slider to adjust your spacing between tiles from 0″ to 2.0″ to see what it will look like on your wall. 

🤔 Can’t see the promo code field? You should update the TilePix app so you can use the promo code and see the other cool changes we’ve made to TilePix.

To update the TilePix app, go to your App Store, search for TilePix, and install the latest update.

You can enter any TilePix promo code at checkout. You type the code in the space provided under your order total and select apply to use the promo code. To remove the promo code, click or tap the “X” next to the code entered.
Our photo tiles are 8.25 inches by 8.25 inches square edge-to-edge and just under an inch thick. They’re really sturdy and durable. While TilePix are very light, they still weigh twice as much as others. If you like quality, you’re going to love TilePix.
So, here’s what we did. You can save 40% on EVERY purchase automatically when you become a member of TilePix Plus. For $99 a year, you’ll get the following goodies:

Save 40% on every order for 12 months. That’s about $8 per tile!
9 FREE TilePix every year. That’s worth $126 right there!
Member-only access to special TilePix products and features.

If you’re planning to buy 8 or more TilePix, joining TilePix Plus is a no brainer! At $14 each, 8 TilePix will cost $112. But for the annual membership of $99, you’ll get 9 FREE TilePix and 40% off every order for the next 12 months. The TilePix Plus membership literally pays for itself on your first order.

Yeah…we did that.
We offer TilePix in black, white and stunning gray frames! No one has gray except TilePix! If you’re looking for a specific color, we’d love to hear from you – shoot us a note at with any product or color suggestions.
TilePix are like magic. Unlike frames that use sticky tape, TilePix just snap to the wall with a removable magnetic wall pad. With our Stick&Slide™ technology (yeah…yeah…it’s patented 😉) you can easily reposition your TilePix and move them around. And because we don’t use tape that quickly loses its stickiness, you can make endless adjustments for the perfect layout. Simple as that! 
It’s pretty cool right? TilePix are available for same-day pickup at your local Walgreens! There are more than 9,000 Walgreens in the United States (Fun fact…78 percent of the U.S. population lives within five miles of a Walgreens.) Just select Same Day Pickup in the cart at checkout. Right now you can buy up to 6 Black TilePix per order for Same Day Pick Up.  

If do you choose Same Day Pickup, you’ll pay for your TilePix at Walgreens when you pick them up. We’re just not sure it could be any easier. 

You can place our magnetic wall pads on a wide variety of wall types and wall surfaces that are clean, dry, and smooth. We don’t recommend sticking them on delicate surfaces, uneven wall materials (like brick), textured walls, or wallpaper.   

If you have rough walls but love your TilePix, you can use a standard household thumbtack to permanently attach the wall pad to a textured or uneven wall surface. Just put one tack through the wall pad in the nick along the top edge. This will hold the magnetic wall pad firmly in place on a textured surface while giving you all the hanging magic of TilePix.  

If you’re unsure or have a question about your walls, email us at and we’ll talk you through your options. Make sure to send us some photos of the wall surface, too! 

View more FAQs in our Help Center or email us at