TilePix Digital Gift Card

Reframe gift-giving with TilePix's Digital Gift Card. Inspire your friends and fam to elevate their spaces with customizable wall art that adds some personal flair to their home. 
Value: $50.00
Gifting Made Easy
Let your friends and fam curate their dream space with the power of choice. From statement wall art to framed photos, the TilePix Digital Gift Card is the best invitation to fill white walls with creativity. Our range of customizable wall décor allows your friends and fam to upload their favorite photos, art or designs to achieve their dream gallery wall.
TilePix Gift Card: Need To Know
No expiration date.
Perfect for every occasion.
Easily rearrange your TilePix!
Upload your own images to personalize.
Why TilePix
Our magnets make mounting art easy!
TilePix won't damage your walls.
Get custom art with your fav pics.

How to redeem TilePix gift cards?

When you buy a TilePix gift card, we send an email to your friend or fam revealing their new gift! From there, they snag their fav pieces from tilepix.com and enter their unique code at checkout to redeem.


How to buy a TilePix gift card?

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place! TilePix gift cards are sold exclusively at tilepix.com.


How much is on my TilePix gift card?

Head back to your confirmation email to access your redemption page, and voilà, your gift card balance is right there! Not sure where to look? Shoot a message to our support team, and we’ll give you the details on your balance.


How to check gift card balance?

Lost track of your gift card balance? No problem. Revisit your redemption page using the link in your confirmation email to view your remaining balance. If you need a hand, hit up our support team, and we’ll point you in the right direction.


Why is my gift card not working?

Make sure your unique code is entered at checkout. If you have any trouble with your gift card, please contact help@tilepix.com and we’ll help you out!

"High Quality & Easy"

The pictures are high quality and very easy to hang. I appreciate the flexibility of being able to move pictures around whenever I want to change the overall look.


"The product is amazing"

The product is amazing. The customer service was excellent. I will be a customer for life.

-Mallory Clawson

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