Pisces Horoscope Mirror Stickers

The dreamiest mirror stickers for the dreamiest Pisces. Comes with 14 stickers on one 11x17 vinyl sheet.
Color: Red
Dream on, Pisces
The dreamiest stickers like the dreamiest Pisces. Show off your creativity with these horoscope removable mirror stickers, the perfect addition to your home to let your imagination run wild (we encourage it). Just peel and stick, with no damage to your walls. Comes with 14 stickers on one 11x17 vinyl sheet.
Stick It: Mirror Edition
Easy to apply!
Residue-free stickers.
Diverse colors & styles for any vibe.
Peel a sticker off of the sheet to begin.
Mirror Sticker Highlights
Removable stickers for any vibe.
11x17 sticker sheet.
Matte finish on clear vinyl.

How to get stickers off glass mirrors?

Like all of our products, mirror stickers are designed for easy application and removal. Just peel the sticker off the surface.


How to apply mirror stickers?
Peel off a sticker from the sheet and create your own design wall design. Be sure to follow CDPAS: 

  • Clean - Using dish soap, wash your wall and dry it completely.
  • Detach - Remove the sticker from the liner.
  • Place - Place the tip of your sticker to your desired location.
  • Apply - Starting on the top of the sticker, press down sticking to the wall.
  • Smooth - Use a flat object or your hand to smooth down the sticker as you work.

"High Quality & Easy"

The pictures are high quality and very easy to hang. I appreciate the flexibility of being able to move pictures around whenever I want to change the overall look.


"The product is amazing"

The product is amazing. The customer service was excellent. I will be a customer for life.

-Mallory Clawson

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