Wild Skate


Exploring the expressive freedom seen in skate culture, “Wild Skate” mashes street style with punk art. “Wild Skate” is composed of skateboards, posters, and more, bringing a collection of reckless designs and street-inspired photography to your walls.
Update Wall Bundle
Product Assortment

-3 Black TilePix
-2 Posters
-3 Skateboards


TilePix: 8.25” x 8.25”. Magnetic mounting system (Stick&Slide technology). Plastic Resin Frame. Luster Paper.
Poster: 11” x 17”. Luster Paper.
Skateboard: 8” x 31.5'. Magnetic mounting system (Stick&Slide technology). Plastic.


TilePix, posters and skateboards are fully customizable.
Printed poster will come with 4 pieces of double sided tape to secure to any wall.

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