The Outpost

Mt. Hood, viewed from the west side of the Willamette Valley

Mt. Hood … seventy miles distant from the Outpost in the Willamette Valley.

The Outpost is located on the west side of the Willamette Valley on the slopes of the Coastal Foothills of Oregon, thirty miles from the Pacific Coast and seventy miles from Mt. Hood and the Cascades.

I can’t see the ocean, but I can see Mt. Hood rising above the Valley, and the view of this mountain (an active volcano with an elevation of 11,250 feet) is always majestic.


The Raven’s home at the Outpost

The Outpost rises high above a vast expanse of lush meadows, forests,  creeks, and small rivers, home to yearly spawning salmon returning from the Pacific.


Eastward, the Willamette Valley flattens into small towns and farms, intersects with the Willamette River (one of the few northward flowing rivers in the US), and eventually rises into the Cascade foothills and the Cascade Range.

Westward from the Outpost, the land rises abruptly into the Coastal foothills:  rugged, mountainous terrain with dense forests of Doug Fir, Live Oaks, Sequoia, and stands of old growth rain forest before receding to the magnificent Oregon Coast and the Pacific Ocean.

Life at the Outpost is peaceful and serene, allowing one to pause on life while enjoying the surroundings.  Winters are mild and summers are moderate.  The pastures are filled with herds of cattle, alpacas, and sheep.  Horse farms are plentiful.  The sides of the foothills are dotted with vineyards.

And wildlife is plentiful:  Mating bald eagles, falcons, hawks, wild turkeys, ravens, deer, elk, bears, and coyotes are in abundance and frequently roam openly in the meadows.  Less conspicuous but always present is the Western cougar, one of the few dangerous predators that frequently roam through the Outpost.  When you venture into the wilderness, always watch your back.